Creating Consciously

Reality Creation is Simple

Creating the life you desire doesn’t need to be difficult, and in fact it wasn’t designed to be in the first place. Life is simple in it’s essence, and reality creation is simple as well. I know many might not believe that.. especially if you’ve been trying to use the methods from the movie “The Secret” or use positive thinking.

I’m not saying that positive thinking isn’t useful, or that The Secret didn’t have it’s good points because positive thinking is useful, and The Secret was spot in in several areas, but neither one gives us the full story.

In the bible Jesus said “Ask and ye shall receive, knock and it shall be opened unto you”, and that if we have but the faith of a mustard seed that we could tell a mountain to go to the sea and it would do it. That’s a very powerful statement.. both of them are.. but the last one is in particular.

Think about it for a minute.. he was saying that we can move, shift and change physical reality if we believe we can. He also said “As ye believe so shall it be done unto you”.

Buddha said much the same things in a different way when he said “Your lives are the result of all that you have thought”. So both of these esteemed and enlightened teachers KNEW that we create our own reality and were trying to impart that to others.

So why is it hard then to create what we want , if it wasn’t meant to be and if we’re always creating anyway?

The answer to that is in one word: BELIEF.

We either believe we can, or we believe we can’t, and as Henry Ford once said, “Either way you’re right”. I seem people every day who believe they are stuck in their jobs, or believe they can’t be, do or have something they really want, but the truth is that they can.. and YOU can.

But there is another part to the system that I teach my clients, and that I call “Living from the inside out”

In other words, when you can imagine, feel and believe that you already have what you want, it will come to you easily and effortlessly. Hence the name of my program Effortless Manifesting.

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