It’s all about energy

Our “reality” isn’t what it seems or what we believe it is.  In truth we live in what amounts to a hologram that is made of pure energy.  Quantum Science has proven it, and I have experienced it first hand during a spiritual awakening that happened in 2001.  We are energetic beings living in an energy field, and the original intention of the Divine was that this be a place where we came to play and to create our lives in whatever way we choose.   This probably sounds pretty far fetched, and I get that, but it’s absolutely true.

Sages throughout the centuries have discovered this for themselves, and it has been written about since before the time of Buddha.  Jesus spoke of it, and many others have as well.  Our belief creates our reality, and no one can do it but us.

So why aren’t we all able to create what we want?  The answer lies in what we believe.. just as Jesus said.  “As you believe, so shall it be done to you.”  He also said that we are god but don’t know it, and that if we had the faith (or belief) we could tell a mountain to go from where it was and into the sea and it would happen.  This much I know to be true from experience because I once turned a tornado that was heading right at me and moving toward a friend’s 100 year old farmhouse in Missouri.

I was out driving and when I saw the cloud I knew exactly what it was, and when it started to decend I pulled over and got out of my Jeep and stood in front of it and held out my hand and said “You will stop NOW and turn 90 degrees and dissipate immediately!”. . and I said it with power and conviction.  No way was I going to be swept up in a tornado and possibly killed or have my friend’s home damaged or destroyed and her life be put in danger.  After that I got back in my jeep and went on my way to look at a farm I was considering buying before I returned to my friend’s home.

I know a lot of people believe this kind of thing is impossible or that I’m probably making it up, but when I got back to the house, Cathy asked me if I’d seen the weather, and when I told her that I hadn’t, she said “There was a tornado heading right for my house and suddenly it stopped and turned 90 degrees and dissipated, and the weather people don’t know what happened because it shouldn’t be possible!!”  I looked at her and said, “I know it is because I did it.  Anything is possible with God.” and then I told her what had happened.

This is only one example of the power we have as creators, and one that I hope will inspire you to realize that you are capable of creating anything you want.. but please also realize that “As you sow, so shall you also reap” so create with Joy and integrity and in harmony with the Divine and you will see wonders and miracles that you would never have dreamed possible.