“I received extensive and specific assistance from John while going through the darkest period of my life. Even though I have extensive personal experience, I was in a very complicated and derailing situation, that conventional methods would have not provided any kind of solution to. He coached me through the entire process of realizing that I allowed all negativity to happen, and I was blessed with some highly effective tools that directly interact with my reality. I could not be any more grateful to have power over my own life again. What was dark and directly adverse to my state of being, is now an amazing reality that is nonstop fun to interact with. Highly recommended for all levels of spiritual and physical work.”

Patrick K. Williamsburg VA


“John a beautiful, powerful soul. When encountering his experienced energy you would think he has lived centuries in this lifetime alone; he’s gone through it all. John is willing to use himself as your example to help you recognize the fine-line that arises when questioning your own origins of suffering and creation of personal truth. I speak from the heart of my experience when I say; before I met John I was running mostly on auto-pilot, getting caught up in others’ agendas and holding myself back. Now: I am grounded and living the joyful heart-led life I am supposed to live, it is literally everyday I am surprised. I cannot describe with words the miraculous things that have been happening since the day I met with John.

I believe the complex art of teaching comes very naturally to John, he knows exactly how and where to guide you, and what sort of tools to arm you with when you get there. I really don’t know how he does it, but the only thing John says is that he simply resides in life’s flow. Thus leaving your spiritual progress completely up to you…

I’ve learned so much. Thank you John”.

Matt B.



“I was very impressed by John’s talents, and especially by his faith in God and trust in his guidance. I learned from him a new understanding of what faith and trust in God can do. He was also tremendously beneficial in helping me to understand and change the many perplexing situations in my life that I had been dealing with for years.

I am sure you will be very impressed with this quiet mannered man and his abilities and will benefit greatly from knowing and working with him”.

D. Rivarde



“If it weren’t for you John, I would be dead right now. Of that I am absolutely certain”

Steven C.


“John, I had to write and tell you.. your work, talent and dedication is amazing. You healed my early childhood issues from both of my parents, and also helped me to get past the devastating emotions of betrayal. I cannot say enough about the help you’ve given me.

I’m also enormously grateful to be able to live in Present Moment Awareness and to drop down and experience life from my heart. And becoming aware of the stories I was telling myself and learning how to change them was a priceless gem. Thank you John. I am truly grateful..”

Much love,
Laura K.